Welcome to this website – only took about twenty years getting round to it – but it’s good to be at the cutting edge of technology and communication. If anyone wishes to have their products endorsed by an influencer such as myself, please forward some free samples and I’ll get back to you. Products of interest include fine wines, carbon fibre bicycles with drop handlebars, and expensive acoustic guitars.

The website’s launch happily coincides with the republication of The Great Blue Yonder, now out with a newly designed cover (borrowed from the Chinese edition.)

You may know me as a novelist, with works such as The Stolen and This Is The Life, but I’ve also written for television, radio, film and the stage. My novel Bootleg was turned into a full-length Manga animation.  It was also adapted as a three-part television series. Another book, The Greatest Store in the World, was made into a Christmas film for television for the BBC.

Just to mention in passing that I am not, as far as I know, in any way related to Alan Shearer, the former professional footballer and BBC sports commentator, with whom I am occasionally confused. So if you are keen to discuss Newcastle United, Alan’s playing career, his views on football, his greatest goals, or whether he can lend you a tenner,  please contact him directly. I am sure he will respond with characteristic generosity.

Dorian Gray had a picture in the attic and here’s mine. It was painted by the late John Bratby, an artist best described as a character.   He painted it when I was much younger and  when he was still alive (always a more productive time for artists). I might have had a few drinks. And so might he.

Left: The Picture of Dorian Gray (after a lifetime’s debauchery – that or seeing his book reviews.)


The Stolen animation?

The Stolen animation?

Studio Ponoc, an animated film studio in Tokyo – in the legacy and tradition of Studio Ghibli, creating beautiful hand-drawn animation and who made the magical Mary And The Witch’s Flower  – are interested in developing The Stolen or in taking a new, original story to the screen.