The Greatest Store In The World
(Bafta nomination)  Based on the book of the same name, a single mother takes her children to live in a department store over Christmas. Made for the BBC and still shown sometimes over the Christmas holiday.
Can watch it on line for Christmas here.

‘You really would have to have a heart of stone not to fall for the simple charms of The Greatest Store in the World, adapted from his own novel by Alex Shearer and directed by Jane Prowse.’    
– WordPress

‘The Greatest Store in the World” is a product that would be ruined if made incorrectly— There are some truly memorable scenes—and a hilarious sequence and climax where the character Livvy attempts to foil some store robbers. Through all of that, there’s good intentions with an undertone of unity and family; the film’s story attempts to send a message of true Christmas theme and how to appreciate what you have instead of crying about what you don’t have. Corny at times, but also it’s sweet, charming, endearing, funny, and cute with a great message underneath it’s zany holiday motif. Watch this one with the kids, you’ll be glad you did.’
– Rotten Tomatoes

Short film based on’’ Play Chopsticks For Me’’ 2000  with Ron Moody

Chocolate Underground’’ 2008/9 Full length animated film version of the novel BOOTLEG made by Japanese company MUSE. First full length animation to be streamed episodically to mobile phones and internet followed by theatrical release. Premiered in Tokyo.

Watch it here.