I Was a Schoolboy Bridegroom

I Was a Schoolboy Bridegroom

Published by Hodder

You might think that an arrangement to marry a nice sensible girl at some point in the future might cure Bosworth Hartie’s erratic behaviour.  But not once you’d met the girl you wouldn’t.


‘…hysterically offbeat story about a family who plan an arranged marriage for their 13-year-old son, Bosworth, in order to secure a dowry from a family he has never met. Veronica Angelica Belinda Melling, Bosworth’s intended, isn’t keen on the idea either. They independently plan to run away from each other but unfortunately end up running away together – and hiding out in a seaside caravan belonging to Veronica’s great aunt.

‘A book which will be enjoyed in equal measure by boys and girls, the engaging style of humour captures the audience in the very opening lines: ‘To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t even thinking of getting married, as I had quite enough on my plate as it was with my rabbits. (Not that the rabbits were actually on a plate. I don’t mean I was eating them). Hugely entertaining’
– Books For Keeps