Flying The Flag
1985-1990, a series featuring Dinsdale Landen, 32 episodes. Radio 4.
Flying the Flag was a BBC radio 4 sitcom set in a British embassy in the Eastern Bloc during the Cold War. It ran for four series, aired from 1987 to 1992, which have been repeated numerous times on Radio 4 Extra.

If you would care to listen to any episodes – at absolutely no charge whatsoever – you can find them here.

The Dream Maker
1992 – radio version of stage play. Also remade in Germany.
Stuart and his widowed mother live in a Devonshire village in the middle of nowhere. A stranger appears, claiming to be able to foretell the future in his dreams – or is he just another con artist, preying on the needy and gullible.   Occasionally turns up on the radio.

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The Diabolical Gourmet

2005 – Radio 4 Afternoon play    Can executioner Ameline outwit France’s gourmet murderer?

Death by fine dining: the true story of Pere Gourier and his string of perfectly legal murders in the finest restaurants of 1790s Paris.

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Play Chopsticks For Me
Radio 4 Short story
The Great Stromberg is a great piano teacher, but his student begins to suspect that he may be a fraud.

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Getting A Life
Radio 4 short story
When a person sees their life going the other way on the back of a lorry, what can they do?

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Radio 4 short story
An outdoor survival weekend for men turns out not to be quite what Dave expected.

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