The Cloud Hunters

The Cloud Hunters

Published by Hot Key Books

Another world, small habitable islands of rock, floating in the pure air, but waterless, and the only way to get water is to follow the clouds.


‘With its well-drawn characters and vividly-realised world, The Cloud Hunters will appeal to fans of science fiction. Yet though at base an adventure story, the book is often pleasingly meditative, dwelling on the texture of the world and exploring the issues of coming-of-age, belonging, memory and loss with an unexpected complexity and sensitivity.’
– Book Trust

‘Part Gulliver’s Travels, part Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, part Pilgrim’s Progress, this is thoroughly original and full of ideas. If it doesn’t quite succeed in everything it sets out to do, and the dreamy pace will not be for everyone, it’s still thought-provoking, involving, and exciting, and a true romance.’
– Books For Keeps