Published by Macmillan

(Released in the US as Canned)

Some bright, shiny, unlabelled cans for sale in the cut-price bargain bin in the supermarket.    But when one of them rattles, and is opened, and a human finger is found inside…


‘This Dahl-esque black comedy will have readers squirming on the edge of their seats. Funny, frightening and totally gross – Alex Shearer taps into the repulsive-but-appealing tradition of urban myths that are perennial playground fodder’
– Toppsta

‘This macabre mystery may make readers give up canned foods.  Shearer’s delightfully droll, dark humor makes for many light moments. Readers with a taste for the bizarre and gross will find this tale most tasty’.  
– Kirkus

‘A highly entertaining and hilariously gruesome comedy thriller – beans on toast will never be the same again!’
– World Of Books