1979 for Thames TV – single play featuring Jonathan Price. The script was later remade and turned into a series with Michael Crawford, under the name of CHALK AND CHEESE, for THAMES. 6 eps.

Sink or Swim
A situation comedy for the BBC – featured Peter Davison and Robert Glenister, ran for 23 eps.
Available as a DVD.  If you’d like to see what a very young Robert Glenister and a young Peter Davison  look like, go here.

The Climber
For the BBC, featuring Robin Nedwell. – 6 eps.   Two IQ test results get mixed up and a man mistakenly believes himself to be a genius.

The Front Line
For the BBC, featuring Alan Igbon, filmed in St Pauls, Bristol. – 6 eps.    A Rastafarian is somewhat appalled when his brother announces that he is going to join the police force.
The Lonely Hearts Kid
For THAMES TV, featuring Robert Glenister. 6 eps.

The Two of Us
Featured Nicholas Lyndhurst, Janet Dibley. Ran for 34 episodes. Subsequently re-made in Dutch and German.
Series one available on Amazon here.
And series two should turn up eventually here.
Or if you fancy the Dutch version

No Job for a Lady
For Thames TV, featuring Penelope Keith, 18 eps.     Political s/com with the wonderful Penelope Keith

Buy from Amazon here.

The Gingerbread Girl
For Yorkshire TV, featuring Janet Dibley. 6 eps.

Law and Disorder
For THAMES, featuring Penelope Keith. 6 eps. Penelope again – as a barrister at law.

Buy from Amazon here.

Below: the cast and crew of Law and Disorder.  The late, great director John Howard Davies in the centre.  Penelope Keith behind him.   Yours truly on the right looking glum, next to the actress Emma Davies.

Two-part episode of Delta Wave
[Adventure series for children]

Also various episodes of Keep It In The Family, All At No. 20, Close to Home, Slinger’s Day

Children’s TV series – 6 episodes.

Wilmot (2)
7 episodes


2002 Three-parter for the BBC. BAFTA winner.

Plus many contributions to TV sketch and comedy shows too numerous and distant to mention.